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Welcome to the NCPA

Paul S. Honeman

Greetings from the 49th state – Alaska.

I have been a member of the NCPAA since 2004, and have attended the conferences in Austin, TX (04), Decatur, AL (05) and South Ben, IN (06).

I enjoyed each for the same and yet different reasons. The ability to meet with fellow officers and the Alumni from Police and Sheriff’s Departments from around the world has been the most rewarding to me. For variety, each venue offered their unique programs of their city and their agency.

I was honored to have been appointed to the NCPAA board last year, and have served as the Newsletter Chair since my appointment. As you may have learned, each NCPAA Board member has at least one program area to manage and perform for the membership.
It has been a learning experience and privilege to have served with such enthusiastic and learned folks on the Board.

My goal is to become better in my service to you as the Newsletter Chair. I know that I can improve in many ways, and ask for the opportunity to show you.

I am 46 years old, married with two grown children – one of whom blessed me in June, 2006 with my first grandson. I was born in Florida to a military father, and have been in Alaska since January, 1976. (we were also stationed here from 63-66)

I started in Law Enforcement with the Federal Protective Service in 1983, and was fortunate to be hired at the Anchorage Police Department in 1986. I served in Patrol, Warrants and a 3 year Community Policing Team, before promoting to Sergeant in 1999. Three years later, I promoted to Lieutenant and served in Patrol, Internal Affairs, Personnel, and finally in Public Affairs.

To keep the assignment as Spokesperson and Director of Public Affairs, I retired in May, 2006 – rehiring ten days later to the same position. I now hold a Reserve Lieutenant’s Commission status in the department.

My passion and belief is the Citizens Police Academy and the Alumni from these courses. I have been honored with the opportunity to serve as the Coordinator since 2004 and Liaison of all VIPS programs at the APD. Anchorage was recently selected as the NCPAA Conference host in 2009 – and the Alumni are excited beyond words at this opportunity to host you all.

Please cast your vote – your board works hard for your support and the privilege to serve.