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Nomination Forms

To all Conference Attendees:

Thank you again for your outstanding support of the 4th annual NCPAA Conference!  We have a superb educational and social program designed for you here in Boise, and we look forward to seeing you in mid-May.  An informational letter will be sent to all attendees in mid-April, giving you updated local information, suggested attire for the Conference, and “likely weather” data.

In the meantime, please review the attached nomination forms and seriously consider submitting one (or more) nominations for this year’s Awards Dinner.  It is vital that we continue to recognize those individuals, programs, and agencies that go beyond the norm in supporting the citizen police academy concept.  Each form is self-explanatory; the forms may have up to seven attachments, and they must be received by Friday, May 4.  Winners will be selected by a joint board consisting of members of both the Boise Conference Committee and the NCPAA Board of Directors.  Awards will be presented at the dinner on Thursday, May 17.  Please feel free to contact Ken Jenkins or Sergeant Gary Compton at 208.373.5840 for further information.

The following forms were created with Adobe Acrobat 5.   Adobe Acrobat Reader will be required to view and print these forms.  

See the button at the bottom of this page for the free download.