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Debbie Brown

Pembroke Pines, Florida

I strongly desire to be a part of the Citizens Police Academy of a national level and wish to be considered for one of the open board positions.

I am a native of south Florida, born in Miami and now living in Pembroke Pines, which is near the Fort Lauderdale area.  This has always been my home, and I have a personal interest in seeing that crime is prevented as much as possible.  I am willing to be an educator in order to achieve this goal and have already taken many steps to improve my community in that respect.

As the publisher of a local community paper a number of years ago, I asked our then chief of police to write an article for us every month, which he did proudly.  It was at the encouragement of that chief that I joined the CPA that was offered at my police department.  I was amazed at how police work spoke to me, and I wanted to continue my experience.  I have been involved in many ways with my PD and its CPA ever since that time in November 1998.

I have earned the respect of my alumni associates, as well as officers and management personnel, sergeants, captains, lieutenants, majors, and the police chief.  I also have enjoyed new friendships with the many men and women in the various units of our department.  In November 2001, I went to work for our city’s Citizens Crime Watch program and this even furthers my experience.

As a member of the board of directors of the NCPAA, my objective is to be better informed of the activities of the NCPAA and to disseminate that information to our local police and chapters of alumni and current members of the CPA;  I wish to help in every way possible to make the continuing experience of the CPA a mor informative one for the alumni and facilitators of our local CPA, and to help make the NCPAA more successful as a whole.