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NCPAA Newsletter


November 2002


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MAY 5-8, 2003:

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The National Citizen Police Academy Association is challenging all members to take part in the “Quest for a Million Pennies”.  Funds collected by this fundraiser will go toward St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital located in Memphis, Tennessee.  All those who participate in the challenge, will have a chance to visit St. Judes.  The top agencies/alumni associations that donate the most for this cause will be given vouchers for airline transportation.  Contact Jim Ponzini ([email protected]) to receive more information and obtain canisters and literature on St. Judes.

The annual Executive Board Meeting of the NCPAA was held on November 9, 2002.  The report is an overview of what took place at that meeting.  When compiled, a summary of the minutes will be posted on the website. The normal business of approving the minutes and treasure’s report was completed. 


The most critical item was the election of board members whose terms have expired.  Normally, this would have been done at our yearly conference.  Since that did not happen, the election will be handled through mail-in ballots.  Individuals wishing to run for a board position have already notified the association.  Members eligible to vote will receive their ballot via US mail and must mail completed ballots to Treasurer Rob .  We encourage every eligible member become familiar with the candidates and to vote.

As soon as this year’s election is completed, the Vice President will appoint a board member to chair the nominating committee.  This person will seek nominations for individuals who would like to run in the 2003 election, which will take place at the conference in Tunica, Mississippi.


Several revisions in the association by-laws were proposed and there was much discussion on the subject.  Copies of the by-laws and the proposed changes will be included in the registration packets at our 2003 conference in Tunica, and posted on the website.  Proposed changes will also be available by request to any member.  As per Article IX of the current by-laws, changes will be voted on in person at the general membership meeting in Tunica. 


Your help is needed.  After the election in Tunica, Vice President Jim Ponzini will assign Board Members to committees they wish to chair.  The committee chairs will then solicit volunteers from other board members or the general membership to help them fulfill the duties of their individual committees.  Became an active member.  Please contact VP Ponzini at [email protected], 700 East 9th street, Suite, I-K, Little Rock, AR 72202 if you would like to serve on a committee.

Each member, association and department connected to the NCPAA is encouraged to go to  This is a website put together and run by FEMA, DOJ and the White House.  The purpose is to promote public education, training, and volunteer opportunities to support community and family safety.  Part of the program is called Volunteers in Police Service,ViPS.  The NCPAA is attempting to form a partnership with Citizen Corp in promoting this program and its importance in each and every community.  Every individual can go to this website and register with the federal government to volunteer in their area.  Each registrant will receive a monthly e-mail from citizen Corp advising them of important news relating to the program.  This program was started in May of 2002 and is still in its infancy.  All current Alumni Associations should look into forming a Citizens Corp Council.  The local Association could adopt this additional title and serve in a dual capacity.  Information about forming a Citizen Corp Council is available on the website. We are attempting to get representatives of the federal program to do a presentation at the Conference in Tunica.

IMPORTANT!             IMPORTANT!             IMPORTANT!             IMPORTANT!


Executive Board Members in attendance at the November 9, 2002 meeting are as follows.

Seated, left to right; Joe Munoz, Rob Sinden, Lois Welling, Dave Kundrot.  Standing, left to right, Jim Ponzini, Saundra Ligon, Mike Koster, Diana Lawler

This picture was taken at the end of a seven hour meeting, so please give us some slack.


President Dave Kundrot is a patrol sergeant with the Lombard, Illinois Police Department.  Dave has twenty years of law enforcement experience and serves as the Department’s CPA Program Coordinator.  Dave has been a member of the NCPAA Executive Board since 1998 and was the host of the 1999 National Conference.

Treasurer Rob Sinden  has been with the City of Baraboo Police Dept. for approx. 12 years and is currently assigned as an Administrative Lieutenant.  Rob has is a Team Leader of the Sauk County SWAT (Emergency Response Team), Coordinator of the Citizens Police Academy, Liaison for the Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association and holds membership in several other civic organizations.  Rob has extensive training in the area of Community Policing and is dedicated to the concept of Citizens and Police working/communicating more effectively.  Rob has been instrumental in coordinating several Community meetings and programs.  In 1994 Rob started the “City of Baraboo Citizens Police Academy”.  The Citizens Academy concept has since brought about the “Citizens Academy Alumni Association” which has existed since 1995.  The City of Baraboo Citizens Academy program has been utilized as a model for several agencies across the U.S. starting their own Academies.  In 1999 Rob was elected as the Treasurer of the National Citizens Police Academy Association which travels the United States training police and sheriffs departments in designing their Academy programs and further educating the public on the CPA concept. 

Secretary Lois Welling has been a member of the National Citizen Police Academy Association since 1996, and has served on the Board of Directors since that time.  She is the coordinator of the Champaign County Citizen Police Academy, which began in 1994.  She had served the National Organization as CPA Coordinator Certification Exam Coordinator since 1998 and was elected to office of secretary in November 2002.

Saundra Ligon, Promotion & Recruiting had a B.S. in Business Administration-Benedict College-Columbia, SC Further Study-School of Public Health-University of SC, Columbia, SC. and is a member of St. Peter’s Catholic Church.  Saundra is presently employed as a Public Information Director–SC Human Affairs Commission, Guest Services Specialist-Lexington Medical Center (Part Time).  She is a Past Secretary and President of the CPAAA for City of Columbia PD, and a member of CPAAA Richland County Sheriff’s Department.  Saundra is also a member of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Officers Association (SCLEOA) and a Reserve Deputy-Lexington County Sheriff’s Office. 

Diana Lawler has been employed by the Ashwaubenon Deparment of Public Safety since June of 1994.  Ashwaubenon started it’s Citizen’s Academy program in 1997.  Ashwaubeon has been a host to the Wisconsin State Citizen Police Academy in 1997 and 1998.  The Ashwaubenon Alumni Association is active with functions involving the Public Safety Deparmtment.  Ashwaubenon successfully completed an Advanced Citizen’s Academy in 2000.  Diana enjoys working with the citizen’s academy and alumni programs.  

Joe F. Munoz, Special Projects – Austin Police Department is a Senior Police Officer assigned to Special Projects in the Office of Homeland Defense at the Austin Police Department.  Munoz’ present assignment is Program Coordinator for the Citizen Police Academy and training Coordinator for the Civil Defense Battalion and the facilitator to the Saltillo, Mexico Police Department.  Munoz began his law enforcement career in 1977 and in August 2002 he completed 25 years in law enforcement.  Munoz has his Masters and Instructors Certificate from TCLEOSE.  Munoz has been named “Officer of the year” by two different organizations during his career.  Munoz has over 100 commendations with APD.   Joe helped organize the Central Texas CPA and holds a seat on the National Citizen Police Academy Board of Directors.  Joe was the Texas State CPA President in 2001 and today holds a seat on the state board of directors.  On a personal note, Joe is on the Hays Consolidated Independent School District Board of Trustees where he holds to office of Secretary since 1999.  He is the only sworn Austin Police officer that holds an elected position!  Joe is married to Kyle City Councilwoman Debbie Munoz who is the Immediate Past Secretary to the Austin CPA Alumni Association.  Joe has two daughters: Marissa-15, Ylissa-10 and a son Dezi -11 months.


First of all, I would like to say that it has been a privilege and an honor to be associated with the National CPAA for so many years.  I was lucky enough to have been there in the beginning and to help it grow as a Board member.  Later I served as an officer on the board, first as Secretary and then later as President.

As President I was fortunate enough to have working with me an excellent Board of Directors.  The accomplishments during my term were due mostly to that Board.  But, my term is over and I chose not to run again because I feel that it is time for someone else to come in and bring fresh new ideas to further the CPA concept across the nation.

I could not vote in the election of the Executive Officers unless there were ties, and there were none.  But I can truthfully say that I am very pleased with the outcome.  I feel that they are all equal to their tasks.  I have complete confidence in the new President, Dave Kundrot.  He has hosted a statewide conference, a national conference, and he and newly elected Vice President, Jim Ponzini are putting on the 2003 conference.  When Dave takes on a task it gets his full attention and it gets done properly.  I think the Board picked the right man, and I hope that you will give him your full support, as will I.

Respectfully yours,

Mike Koster

Past President, NCPAA