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National Citizen Police Academy Executive Board Meeting May 5

National Citizen Police Academy Executive Board Meeting May 5, 2003 Present: Danny Williams Dave Kundrot, President Debbie Bruggema Diana Lawler Jim Ponzini, Vice President Joe Munoz Lois Welling, Secretary Pat Hanket Rob Sinden, Treasurer Saundra Ligon President Kundrot called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. The three new board members, Debbie Bruggema, Danny Williams and Pat Hanket were recognized and welcomed. Jim Ponzini made a motion to approve the minutes from the last meeting and it was seconded by Rob Sinden. A vote was called and approved. Business Items: Newsletter – To date two newsletters have been sent to general membership and the association goal is to send quarterly newsletters. Then goal for the next newsletter is the end of June, 2003. It will contain a Tunica Conference and information on the 2004 Conference in Austin, Texas from April 14-17. Future plans call for an electronic newsletter. The board approved up to $250 for printing and postage expenses for the June newsletter with a motion by Danny Williams that was seconded by Joe Munoz. Debbie Bruggema and Lois Welling asked the board to send information for the newsletter and will look into adding a “Question/Answer” section Committees – The number of committees has been condensed for efficiency. Board members will chair committees and recruit members from the general membership. Committee members will be expected to contribute and will be removed by the chair for failure to perform. By-Laws – Changes in the by-laws were discussed and these changes will be voted on by the general membership. Copies of the by-laws are included in the membership’s conference packets. Nominating Committee – Joe Munoz Chairman – Elections – Terms for four board members are expiring. Dave Kundrot, Saundra Ligon and Danny Williams are planning to run again for board positions, but Rob Sinden will not be seeking re-election. This leaves the office of Treasurer open and will need to be filled by the board. At the General Membership Meeting members will be invited to present themselves for election to the board. They will have up to one minute to tell members why they are interested in the position. Ballots will be available to voting members at the Austin Conference booth and must be turned in by 1:00 p.m. Thursday. Website – Dirk Christensen is the new Webmaster recruited by Dave Kundrot. Dirk has been doing the work gratis and the website has been updated and looks great. The board will be looking at ways to compensate Dirk for this work. In the near future the board will be looking into putting police academy curricula, handouts, etc., on the website. The board is also looking to link with more law enforcement agencies, CPAs and CPA Alumni Associations. Next Executive Board Meeting – Plans are in the making for the next meeting in October. Details will be forthcoming. Membership – Saundra Ligon briefed the board on plans for the membership committee and provided members with a handout containing their goals. Jim Ponzini reported that we have 160 people registered for the conference from 28 different states and all conference attendees have a one year membership in the National Citizen Police Academy Association. The trick will be to make sure these people renew their membership. Fund Raising – Diana Lawler asked for suggestions for this project and several ideas were discussed. Possibilities include grants, sales, donations, 50/50 raffles, etc. It was decided to hold a 50/50 raffle during the Tunica conference. CPA Alumni Associations might consider a fund-raiser or donation to the NCPAA. Debbie Bruggema talked about where stores are listed that will pass on a percentage of internet purchases to the charity of your choice. Diana will check this out. Audit – Two people from the general membership will be recruited to work with Treasurer Rob Sinden to conduct an audit report here at the conference. Site Selection – People who serve on this committee should have experience in putting on such events. The Association is seeking bids for future conferences. 2004 is set for April 14 – 17, 2004 in Austin, Texas, but we have not finalized sites and dates for future years. The board would like to have conference dates set two years in the future. Austin Conference – Joe Munoz reported that the Austin Conference is on target. Joe reports lots of support from law enforcement, the CPA Alumni and Austin City and says that everyone is on board. Joe is working with Target and Southwest Airlines for grants and sponsorships. Southwest will provide a 10% fare reduction to people coming to the conference via Southwest Airlines. Joe also encourages the board and individual CPAs to pursue grants to aid their organizations. Citizen Corps & VIPS – Dave Kundrot reported on these two government programs and that Vincent Talucci of the International Association of Chiefs of Police will speak on this program at Thursday’s conference lunch. Tunica Conference – Jim Ponzini briefed the board with an overview of the conference and reported that registration for the conference is 160 individuals from 28 states. Board members have raised $3800 for St. Jude and a check will be presented to a representative at the conference opening ceremony. Dave Kundrot asked board members to remember to get display board bids so we can have one for the July Texas State Conference. The next executive board meeting will be Thursday, May 8, 2003 at 5:00 p.m. By then ballots should be counted for new board members and changes in the association by-laws. We all thanked Rob Sinden for getting the magnetic signs donated. There being no more business Joe Munoz made a motion to close and Debbie Bruggema seconded. The meeting was adjourned.