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National Citizen Police Academy Executive Board Meeting May 5

NCPAA Executive Board Post Conference Meeting May 8, 2003 Present: Debbie Bruggema Pat Hanket Mike Koster, Past President Dave Kundrot, President Diana Lawler Saundra Ligon Joe Munoz Jim Ponzini, Vice President Rob Sinden, Treasurer Lois Welling, Secretary Danny Williams President Dave Kundrot called the meeting to order at 5:15 p.m. Debbie Bruggema made a motion to correct the minutes of the May 5, 2003 Executive Board Meeting Minutes. The minutes stated that the board approved up to $250 for printing and postage expenses for the June newsletter with a motion by Danny Williams that was seconded by Joe Munoz. Since the cost of the last Newsletter was over $650 the $250 would not be an adequate amount to pay for another newsletter. Debbie stated that then June Newsletter should not be any more expensive than the last. Therefore, the motion to correct the fee for the June Newsletter from $250 to $700 was seconded by Joe. A vote was called and the motion carried.  Next was a discussion on the NCPAA Website and the Webmaster Dirk Christensen who has been doing work on the website at no cost to the association. Dave stated the Dirk plans to attend the Lombard CPA in the fall of 2003 and to join the NCPAA. He also hopes to attend the 2004 Austin, TX conference. While Dirk has not requested any payment for his work, Jim Ponzini made a motion to pay him $200 for the work already completed. This motion was seconded by Danny Williams and passed. Treasurer Rob Sinden reported on the audit conducted by Mike Courville and Rick Romanoff went well. Only two questions were raised. 1) The Association needs a copy of the receipt for Dave’s site visit to Tunica, Mississippi (Check #368) and 2) a receipt for the Board Meeting meal in November, 2003 (Check #1035). The expense for the Board Meeting meal was voted and approved at the November 2002 Executive Baord Meeting. The site visit expense was voted on and approved by an e-mail of the Board Members.Dave will provide these receipts to the Treasurer. The next order of business was the NCPAA Executive Board position of Treasurer. Rob Sinden, who has done an excellent job, decided not to run for re-election. Rob stated that it is time for some new blood. Thankfully, he will be staying on as the Association’s Registered Agent and will be available for consultations. This will mean not changes for our 501(c) 3, Articles of Incorporation. We all thanked Rob and are glad he will still be around to help us. Rob also stated that he will send a completed audit report to board members. Discussion followed as to what to do with the Treasurer’s position. Since the election of new board members was completed, though not announced, should we wait until October to appoint a new Treasurer? Board Member Debbie Bruggema stepped forward and offered to fill the position. Debbie has proven herself as an excellent organizer and hard worker who gets things done. Since she will have some down time from other work, Debbie stated she could take the position now and have this time to familiarize herself with the duties, where in October she would not have the time. A motion was made by Rob Sinden that we appoint Debby as Treasurer and seconded by Diana Lawler. The motion carried.  There was discussion on the feasibility of keeping Wells Fargo Bank for our accounts. Joe Munoz pointed out that he is working with Wells Fargo Bank for association compensations; and suggested the Association keep their accounts at Wells Fargo for the time being. It was also noted that there is Internet Access to Wells Fargo accounts which should facilitate matters. Joe made a motion to keep the Wells Fargo Bank, Jim seconded, and the motion carried. The other Executive Board position up for re-election was that of Vice President. Jim Ponzini had taken over the position to fill the vacancy left by Craig Pittman’s resignation. Lois Welling made a motion that we appoint Jim as Vice President and was seconded by Rob Sinden. The motion carried. Joe Munoz, Chairman of the Nominating Committee, stated that the election went well and all votes had been counted. He announced the voting on the By-Laws as follows: Amendment #1 94 votes for and 3 votes against. Amendment carried. Amendment #2 91 votes for and 7 votes against. Amendment carried. Amendment #3 92 votes for and 6 votes against. Amendment carried. Amendment #4 100 votes for and 4 votes against. Amendment carried. Amendment #5 97 votes for and 3 votes against. Amendment carried. Joe stated that he would announce the results of the Board Member voting to the General membership at the Awards Banquet. Joe also reported on the plans for the 2004 Conference in Austin, Texas. He stated that everything is on target and that 80% of the session topics have been chosen and instructors slated. The remaining 20% will be completed after a review of the evaluation from the 2003 Conference so as to reflect member’s interest. Vender booths are $600 in Austin, and this price includes two conference memberships. Joe, Jim and Dave will be attending the 2003 Texas State CPA Conference in Fort Worth, Texas from July 20- Aug. 2, 2003. Joe was pleased to announce that the booth fee has been waived.  Dave stated that he and Jim and Joe will be covering their own expenses for this conference and no money will come from the NCPAA funds.  The Coordinator’s Certification Exam was discussed and the waiver will be changed to state that the person taking the exam is the authorized departmental coordinator for their agency and that the NCPAA cannot be held liable for any misrepresentation. Vice President Jim Ponzini informed the board that the Silent Auction raised $1090.50. These funds will be deposited in the NCPAA accoutn and earmarked for the fall 2003 Board Meeting. This money will be used to defray expenses for the semi-annual Executive Board meeting and we plan to do another silent auction at the 2004 conference. A discussion was held on whether to include additional information about the candidate, such as, rank for police personnel, alumni for civilians or if the person is an incumbent. No definitive decision was reached, nor a vote taken. This subject will again be discussed at the next board meeting. At the Austin conference there will be a bulletin board wall dedicated to nominees. This will be the only place they will be allowed to place personal information to campaign for votes. All nominees will be given time to speak at the general membership meeting. Sales of the NCPAA shirts went well and more need to be ordered before the 2004 conference. Rob also reminded us that orders do come in off the website. We will check around for a cheaper price, but will not settle for lesser quality.  There being no further business, Debbie made a motion to adjourn and Pat seconded. The motion carried.  The Executive Board Meeting was adjourned.