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National Citizen Police Academy Executive Board Meeting General Membership Meeting May 6

National Citizen Police Academy Executive Board Meeting General Membership Meeting May 6, 2003  At the conclusion of the opening ceremonies of the 2003 Conference of the National Citizen Police Academy Association general membership meeting was called to order by President Dave Kundrot at approximately 6:30 p.m.. President Kundrot stated that to stay viable this organization needs more members and for those members to be involved and to support the organization.  The newsletter is the association’s means of keeping the membership informed. Two have been sent since the last board meeting in November 2002 and the next quarterly newsletter is due to be mailed the middle of June. Also, to keep the organization viable, the executive board will meet every six months. This is a minimum necessary for the NCPAA to grow and strengthen.  An overview of the proposed changes in the by-laws and the makeup and number of committees was given. President Kundrot called for submissions to host future conferences. Austin, Texas is set for the 2004 conference, but we have no location or dates for the following years. The association would like to have dates set for two years in advance. Membership on that committee is for individuals who have hosted conferences. They can offer their experience and insights to this tremendous project. Joe Munoz gave an update of the plans for the 2004 Conference in Austin, Texas. The process for the election of board members was explained. Four board seats are open at this time. Joe Munoz, chairman of the nominating committee called for nominations. Current members Dave Kundrot, Saundra Ligon and Danny Williams all stated that wished to run for re-election. Rob Sinden declined to run. At this time Chairman Munoz called for nominations from the general membership. Five individuals responded. Harvey Alter, Lombard, IL CPAAA; Dick Bennett, Las Vegas, NV; PD; Jim Gamble, Waukegan, IL PD; Dick Powers, South Bend, IN PD; and Kay Seals, Boulder, CO CPAAA accepted nominations.  All eight nominees were given one minute to address the general membership and seek their support. Ballots will be available at the Austin Conference booth on Wednesday morning. Members will be voting for new board members and on changes in the by-laws. Voting will be until 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday and 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Thursday. No ballots will be accepted after that time. Treasurer Rob Sinden gave his report and accepted two volunteers Mike Courville and Rick Romanoff to conduct an accounting audit for the NCPAA.  Dave Kundrot then provided an overview of the next few days at the Tunica Conference and encouraged people to sign up for Austin next year. The meeting concluded with a game of Jeopardy was great fun and the winner was Sara Kessler from Austin, Texas CPAAA. The president called for any old or new business. There being none, a motion to adjourn was made and seconded from the floor. The meeting was adjourned.