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National Citizen Police Academy Executive Board Meeting April 14

National Citizen Police Academy General Membership Meeting Thursday, April 14, 2004 7th Annual Conference, Austin, Texas President Dave Kundrot called the meeting to order at 8:50 a.m.  The first item of business was the approval of the May 6, 2003 General Membership Meeting minutes. President Kundrot called for discussion or corrections to the minutes. There being none a motion of accept was requested and was made by Mike Mikulecky from Lombard, Illinois. The motion was seconded by Aubery King of Edmond, Oklahoma. The motion carried. A copy of the treasurers report was provided to all participants upon registration at the conference. President Kundrot called for discussion or questions. There being none, a motion to accept was called for. Harriet Berman of Chattanogga, Tennessee made a motion to accept and it was seconded by Mike Coward of Decatur, Alabama. The motion carried. Board Member Dick Powers discussed the proposed revisions of the NCPAA by-laws. He explained that a copy of the revisions had been provided in all registrants conference packets and a copy of the original by-laws would be available to conference members. The by-law revisions were on the same ballot that would be used to elect new board members and would be available after noon on Thursday. Voting must be completed by 4:30 p.m. on Friday. Election results will be announced at the Awards Banquet on Friday evening. The next order of business was the nomination of board members. Since Committee Chair Joe Munoz was running for re-election he recessed himself from these duties at the January 17, 2004 board meeting and Co-chairman Lois Welling handled all matters pertaining to the nominations and elections. Prior to the conference the committee had received intention to seek a board position from: Debbie Brown, Pembrook Pines, Florida Diana Lawler, Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin Andy Longoria, Ponca City, Oklahoma Joe Munoz, Austin, Texas Debbie Murdock, Garland, Texas President Kundrot asked if the above people were present and if they were willing to accept the nominations. All applied in the affirmative. President Kundrot then called for nominations from the floor.  Debbie Wagner of Lexington, Kentucky was nominated by her husband John and agreed to accept the nomination. With no additional nominations forthcoming, the candidates were then given one minute to address the general membership and state their reasons and qualification for wanting to serve on the NCPAA Executive Board. President Kundrot informed the membership where and when voting would take place. He encouraged everyone to stop by the Decatur table to vote and get information on next years conference. Joe Munoz encouraged anyone interested in the Saturday boat trip to sign up quickly. He also discussed the Saturday night bus trip to Sixth Street.  *Dave Kundrot informed everyone that email addresses would be given to PinCo. The company who produced the NCPAA lapel pin. Anyone NOT wanting their email address given out was told to sign a no release sheet available at the NCPAA table. Dave asked for help from any person with expertise on the IRS 501C3 tax exempt form. The NCPAAs form is coming up for renewal in 2005. Dave also discussed the website and how members could sign up and give a percentage of their purchases to the NCPAA. Dave announced that the NCPAA committees were looking for volunteers. Anyone wishing to sign up for a committee should meet in the Phoenix South room at 4:00 p.m. on Friday, April 16th to discuss. Everyone was encouraged to submit articles of interest for the quarterly newsletter. Dave announced that the NCPAA is looking for a host site for the 2006 Conference and asked anyone interested to see him or any member of the board. There being no questions from the floor, President Kundrot called for a motion to adjourn. The motion was made by Dorris Murdock of Garland, Texas and seconded by Paul Honeman, Anchorage, Alaska

The meeting was adjourned.