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Membership Benefirs

This quarterly publication keeps members current on trends and new developments specifically affecting law enforcement Citizen Police Academy programs and alumni associations, as well as upcoming training events. Informative and professional in appearance, it is the one educational tool that reaches the entire membership on a regular basis.

Membership Directory

This bi-annual publication is a handy reference guide that contains current contact information. It helps you stay in touch with NCPAA members you meet at conference, and network with members from around the nation.

Web Site

Continuing its commitment to provide useful and educational information to the membership, the Web site is an “extension” of NCPAA’s newsletter. The Web site keeps members current on training events and specific information helpful to Citizen Police Academy program coordinators as well as alumni associations.

Annual Conference

The single most important event of the year, NCPAA’s annual training conference was developed to advance the education and professionalism of Citizen Police Academy programs and alumni associations. This event is hosted by a police department and/or alumni association, and features top speakers from around the country.

CPA Certification Course

A Citizen Police Academy Certification course, specifically for law enforcement officers, is offered at NCPAA’s annual training conference each year. The course was developed by Lois Welling (Police Training Institute in Champaign, Illinois). It is intended for Coordinators of a Department who actively conduct a Citizen Police Academy program. Only attendees who successfully pass the written examination will receive a Certificate.