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The Board of Directors will consist of the elected officers of the Association as provided for in Article V, and six Directors at large who are elected. 

A.     Board Members at Large will serve three year terms on a yearly rotating basis with all three being elected at the National Meeting.  “Position 2,” will serve for two years, “Position 3,” will serve for three years, “Position 4,” for one year, “Position 5,” for two years and “Position 6,” for three years.  Thereafter, all Board Members at Large Positions will serve full three year terms on a rotating basis, with two (2) Positions becoming open for election each year at the Annual Meeting of the Association.


A.     Meet at least once a year to transact necessary business as may be referred to it by the membership.  If other business needs to be conducted, meeting date and time to be agreed upon by the Board of Directors.

B.     Have the power to create special committees.

C.     Monitor the plans of work of all officers and committee chairs.

D.     Appoint an Auditing Committee, consisting of not less than three (3) members, at least thirty (30) days prior to the annual meeting to audit the financial records of the Association if necessary. 

E.      Prepare and submit an annual budget to the membership for adoption at the annual meeting. 

F.      Have only such power as is delegated to it by these Bylaws or by majority vote of the membership referring individual matters to it.  The Board does not have the power to spend any amount of money not specified in the budget or approved by the membership in advance, except as specified in the budget, or approved by the membership in advance, except as specified in Paragraph G, below. 

G.     Determine conference site for annual conference each year.

A simple majority of Directors will constitute a quorum.