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Best Microphone For Gaming: Breakdown


With all the options that you have to get the most out of your gaming experience, it is important to get the best possible quality for your gaming microphones. Here are some things to look for when you are shopping for gaming microphone products.

First of all, find a microphone that will allow you to set it up so that you can just plug it in and play. A good example of this would be a headset microphone for a PC gaming system. They have a built-in volume control on Best Microphone For Gaming that allows you to play louder or softer depending on what type of gaming you are doing.

Always check to see if the microphones have any kind of battery life built-in. I always like to use a rechargeable battery that is not only more portable but will recharge itself with an included power cable that is designed for your gaming system. Remember, in order to hear yourself, you need to have a good battery life.

Make sure that if you want to have two microphone inputs that they are separated by a wide enough distance that there is no interference from each other. For example, if you are going to be using both microphone inputs on the front speakers, you will want to make sure that they are both separated enough so that there is no interference from your front speakers to make a difference in the quality of the sound.

If you are using an audio headset to communicate with your team, you want to make sure that you are getting a good quality headset. The quality of the audio that comes through these systems, especially those that are used in gaming, are going to be very high. There are also going to be special software that is designed for the headset to allow for your team to communicate effectively.

Look for microphones that offer on-screen controls for volume and playback. This kind of controls will allow you to adjust the microphone when needed without having to hold down the volume buttons on your mouse. This is one of the more important things that you need to look for.

Another advantage of wireless microphone systems is that they provide you with a lot of flexibility when it comes to how you set up your microphone system. You can easily go from standing in front of your computer to a battlefield without having to worry about a microphone, a boom microphone or a shock mount. This gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to how you set up your system.

Some microphones will come with a small clip that you can attach to your mouse to help keep it in place when it is not in use. When you have a microphone like this attached to your mouse, you can easily switch it out whenever you want without having to unclip it from your mouse.

Those gamers need to be able to have a microphone that is capable of picking up any sound, whether it is coming from behind them or whether it is coming from the other side of them. Having a microphone that picks up low-frequency sounds will definitely make the difference in how you hear yourself being shot. The low-end sound that is picked up by your microphone is far more realistic than trying to block out the noise with a headset microphone.

Finally, it is imperative that you get a good mic that comes with a decent shock mount. If you lose the microphone, you don’t want to have to put it back in the box or even to go buy another one. The shock mount on the bottom of the microphone will help keep it safe, while still allowing you to move around freely.

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There are just some important things that you need to look for when you are looking for gaming microphones. It is worth your time to invest the money and the effort to ensure that you get the best sound that you can get out of your microphone, so make sure that you take the time to know what you are looking for before you go to the store.

Our 7 Greatest Microphones For Gaming in 2020 – Budget, Standalone, USB plus More

If you’ve come searching for the best mic for gaming, look no further. With numerous great options at each price range, you’re sure to find the best standalone microphone for gaming to suit your needs.

We’ve gathered a list of great mics at different prices, all competing for just one objective: to be the very best microphone for video gaming. Based on your needs, these mics could suit that bill for you personally but, jointly, we’re going to discover which will suit your requirements the very best.

There are seven microphones to pick from in this post. Of these seven, approximately four are believed overkill for video gaming purposes and so are only advised for those who have non-gaming needs, such as vocal and audio recording.

The first three microphones in this article, however, are powerful and versatile solutions for gamers everywhere. In fact, a few of them can also be used for other purposes, too!

Ultimately, what you settle on is wholly dependent when your budget and whether your requirements stretch past simply gaming. Stick to us and we’ll tackle all these mics for your reading and video gaming pleasure.

Greatest Microphone For Video gaming: Breakdown

Razer Seiren Elite


  • Overkill for gaming, astounding for other purposes
  • Plentiful directional options
  • Best directional range
  • Best sensitivity
  • Even more reputable producer, higher construction
  • Extremely costly for a video gaming mic
  • Expensive generally
  • No included pop filtration system

The same applies right here, which might surprise the your that are used to Razer as a video gaming brand. Amazing sound quality and recording, but far, considerably beyond practicality for just about any gaming situation.

If you’re significantly considering purchasing one of the Pro mics, do therefore only when you’re seriously interested in non-gaming applications. Usually, pick among our cheaper choices.

Blue Microphones – Yeti Pro

TECH Specifications

  • Overkill for video gaming, astounding for various other purposes
  • Plentiful directional choices
  • Greatest directional range
  • Greatest sensitivity
  • More reputable manufacturer, higher build quality
  • Extremely expensive for a gaming mic
  • Expensive in general
  • No included pop filter

The Yeti Pro is definitely a god-tier mic for many people and it has the $250 price tag to match. This beast of a microphone can handle anything you throw at it with ease and will offer the best sound quality for gaming, streaming, vocal recording and more.

For gaming purposes, although. this is a little bit unnecessary.

Blue Microphones – Yeti


  • Overkill for gaming, great for other purposes
  • Plentiful directional options
  • Great directional range
  • Great sensitivity
  • More reputable manufacturer, higher construction
  • Very costly for a video gaming mic
  • Expensive in general
  • No included pop filter

The Yeti is a bit more expensive than the AT2020, but also offers higher sound quality and more suitability for gaming.

While its stand may be comparable to Fifine’s Plug plus Play, the improved range and sensitivity of this mic implies that it doesn’t have to be positioned between you as well as your keyboard for an excellent recording knowledge. Unlike the Snowball, it’s also very much smaller sized and doesn’t stand out on your table at all.

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So far as video gaming microphones go, that is about where all feeling of practicality ends, as your video gaming applications won’t possess any take good thing about the raising sound quality any longer.

Nevertheless, by buying this mic, you’ll also be just about set for just about any other uses which come to mind, which includes streaming and documenting.

Audio-Technica – AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Studio Mic

TECH Specifications

  • Minor overkill for gaming, pretty good for other purposes
  • Plentiful directional options
  • Good directional range
  • Good sensitivity
  • More reputable manufacturer, higher build quality
  • Expensive for a gaming mic
  • Expensive in general
  • No included pop filter
  • Buying extra mic stand essentially required

The AT2020 is the first overkill mic on this list. It comes in right at $100 on most days and offers superior range and sensitivity to the Snowball as well.

The AT2020 is one of the most popular spending budget picks for individuals who are seriously interested in recording sound. It’s well-known among musicians operating house studios and is certainly plenty of for an incredible gaming music knowledge.

Sadly, it does not have any included stand or arm. To utilize this for video gaming, you’ll need to purchase something extra to be able to make use of it: there’s no real way for this, unfortunately.

For gaming reasons, it’s still overkill. But, if you want to do some high-end audio on the side, the AT2020 is a viable choice. Just remember to buy a stand and pop filter with it.

Blue Microphones – Snowball


  • Great for gaming, good for other reasons
  • Included tripod means you don’t need to purchase a stand
  • Can be utilized at a wholesome distance for video game chat
  • Plentiful directional choices
  • Great directional range
  • Great (estimated) sensitivity
  • Even more reputable producer, higher construction
  • Pricey for gaming reasons
  • No included pop filtration system

The Snowball provides great all-around sound quality, which makes it ideal for gaming and best for other use scenarios aswell.

Among its finest achievements, however, are in its included flexible tripod and high range/sensitivity. Thanks to these combined elements, you can place the mic at a healthy distance away from you on your desk.

You only need to just point it in your direction to get the best result.

In addition to its ideal form element and sound quality, there are plentiful directional options for multiple utilization scenarios. This is also the 1st mic upon this list that originates from a high-end sound firm, so it’s far better built compared to the types before it.

If you’re attempting to look for a middle surface between video gaming utility and various other uses, the Snowball comes strongly suggested. At $70, even though, it’ll price you.

Fifine – Plug + Play Condenser Mic

TECH Specifications

  • Best for gaming, Fine for other reasons
  • Great spending budget desktop mic
  • No included pop filter
  • Low rate of recurrence range
  • Low sensitivity
  • Included stand requires you place mic between you and your keyboard

Fifine’s Plug plus Play Mic could very easily be considered the best microphone for gaming under $50. It also competes for best desktop mic for gaming, but it doesn’t truly reach that territory.

It’s also amazingly beautiful, considering its cost range. Its flamboyant, golden style will stick out on your own desk.

The primary downside of the microphone can be shared by most of the others: the included stand just about requires you to put the mic ideal before you to get the best results. This is often awkward when attempting to create room on your own desk and determining the proper angling.

Nevertheless, it’s uncontested among entry-level microphones. You aren’t gonna discover anything better than this for under $50 and it will prove quite adequate for gaming purposes.

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It’s also okay for other purposes, like vocal recording, but will require some extra audio editing and the such on your part for everything to sound good. At only $30, though, who can complain?

Antlion Audio – ModMic

TECH Specifications

  • Great spending budget mic
  • Best for gaming however, not very much else
  • Type factor is quite easy Included pop filtration system
  • Lowest rate of recurrence range
  • Lowest sensitivity
  • Few directional choices
  • Of low quality outside of video gaming scenarios

The ModMic is categorised as the best spending budget mic for video gaming, considering it’s dirt-cheap, better than your usual headset mic and can be attached to your pre-existing headphones. It’s also the best clip on mic for gaming, for sure.

Also, unlike other options on this list, it has an included pop filter! This means that your setup and extra investment can be minimal.

All you need to accomplish is connect it in, clip it on your headset and you’re running a business.

While this mic can be garbage for non-gaming reasons, it’s fairly able to just-gaming purposes. Many ingame sound codecs aren’t likely to support great sound quality, and you do not require high sensitivity or rate of recurrence range if you’re talking directly into the mic.

The ModMic may be the budget video gaming mic choice. But, in the event that you buy it, remember that it’s bad for very much else at all.

What Do I WANT For Gaming Reasons?

As you might have collected from our roundup, a few of these mics are a bit impractical for gaming due to their pricing compared to ingame sound quality.

In our opinion, everything up and including the Blue Snowball is practical for a gaming-only audio experience. The Snowball is also versatile enough to be used for other applications, making it a popular mic among Twitch streamers worldwide.

From the AT2020 and onward, however, you’re breaching overkill territory. At this point, you should only be buying the microphone if you plan on using it for other things, or if you want the flexibility to 1 day utilize it for those other activities.

The ingame tone of voice codecs aren’t generally that great and obtain considerably worse in old titles. A $250 mic and a $100 mic will sound practically similar to your teammates in-game, which means you really shouldn’t inflate your wallet if you don’t have to.

We opted to include these other options in case gaming wasn’t your only concern. If you’re also serious about Twitch streaming, YouTube video creation or even music recording, these other mics are here for you.

Some Extras You Should Get

First, get a pop filter. Aside from the ModMic, none of the mics on this list have a pop filter and without one your Ps and your Bs are going to be noticeably loud in your voice comms.

Second, if your mic necessitates it or you just want more flexibility, it’s worth investing in a mic scissor arm stand. These are large constructs that will be somewhat cumbersome to set up, but will eventually save you table space and adjustment headaches later on.


Hopefully, scanning this content helped you find a very good microphone for video gaming. for you personally.

If video gaming is your total just concern, the ModMic or the Fifine Plug + Play should last well.

If you would like area for professional-level sound recording and streaming, the Snowball is a superb middle-of-the-road choice. If you’re seriously interested in pro applications furthermore to gaming, you can even opt for among the $100+ mics.