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Aluminum Trailer Tongue Storage Tool Box with Lock


Top Plastic Trailer Tongue Boxes is a highly effective and useful product. This is a mechanism that keeps your trailer wheels in a secure, reliable and secure place. There are lots of good reasons to install this on your trailer.

The trailer tongue box is installed by drilling small holes into the trailer body. They will be covered with the tongue boxes. The whole casing will have a handle with which you can grab to remove the box.

On the other hand, the box has three sections which allow easy access to the tube that holds the tires. They are the seal, the spring and the center nut. There is a divot in the middle of the divot which is used to hold the tire. The seals keep it from moving around.

The trailer tongue box is not only cheap but also a very handy thing to install. If you install it on your trailer, you will experience a lot less trouble than if you install any other accessories.

But if you do not want to invest in a plastic trailer tongue box, you can still do so with the help of a drill. You just need to drill the holes as described in the manual provided by the manufacturer.

Installing a trailer tongue box is quite easy but you need to keep in mind the different levels of kits available. It will be a waste of money to install a tongue box if it has been set up correctly. In this case, you can use the parts that are included in the kit.

However, if you are already experiencing a bad installation, then you need to take special care. You need to realize that this is a major part of your trailer and should be installed properly to prevent damage. When the boxes come in contact with rough surfaces, the box may be damaged the trailer.

When you are ready to install the trailer tongue box, you can proceed to do so by using two holes as described in the manual. Then, you need to place the new tongue box into the holes that were drilled in the trailer body.

With a drill, make sure you align the tongue box with the centerline of the trailer. Remember that these boxes should be placed very close to the trailer body.

Next, you need to measure the distance from the centerline of the trailer to the center of the box. Then, you will need to mark the holes with a pencil to mark the box. In this way, you will be able to remove the box easily when it is time to install it.

The next step is to cut the box into the required sizes. There are several ways you can do this:

As you can see, installing a plastic trailer tongue box is not difficult. It takes a little patience, but it is definitely worth it. When you choose to do so, you will be able to enjoy a good condition for your trailer.

Trailer Tongue Boxes – Truck Tool Boxes

To transport your tools from one place to another is obviously quite challenging. Whether you need to fix your broken car or any other mechanical fault in your house, it is very important to have your tools with yourself. As a result, you need something to carry your tools. That’s why you need the trailer tongue boxes. With the boxes, you can certainly carry your tools without hassle. You can also attach it to your trailer without any problem.

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However, choosing the best one is very problematic. Thus, we are listing the best types for you. Have a look at the list of best trailer tongue boxes down below to clarify all your doubts and proceed with obvious perception.

With its double-walled design and huge storage space, you would be able to shield a multitude of essential things. Keep all the materials inside this package away from harsh climate or prying hands.

Important features:

  • The trailer tongue pickup truck box is mounted to your trailer with ease.
  • It has been proudly produced in the United States with the highest requirements in quality.
  • The metal hasps have been zinc plated to avoid corrosion.

9. Pit Posse Dark Trailer Tongue Storage space Tool Container

This trailer tongue toolbox from Pit Posse comes with an amazing construction. Because of this, it’ll give almost every other manufacturers a work because of their money. If you own personal an A-frame trailer it really is a wonderful choice since it is normally from light yet strong materials. Consequently, makes the package easily mountable. It is also assembled within no time. You can store all your expensive tools or add-ons inside this package and take it from one place to another.

Due to the aluminium building, it doesn’t rust like steel, isn’t as weighty as steel. However, has more than enough strength to take plenty of abuse. It also features diamond plate construction that makes it more rugged than the competition. Therefore, maintains the shape for a prolonged period.

Important features:

  • The box has a long lasting inbuilt lock mechanism for security.
  • It boasts a deep hinge which enables you to fully open up the latch even though it is installed.
  • You can buy this with no worries because it is supported by a 5-calendar year guarantee period.

8. ToolsNMore Metal Trailer Tongue Boxes

ToolsnMore brings for you a fabulous metal trailer tongue container that’s feature-rich. Thus, it’ll last you for a long period. It includes a construction from long lasting sheets of metal to ensure it could withstand little impacts and defends all of the contents inside. You do not need to be concerned about the package getting subjected to inclement weather conditions possibly. Whether you ‘re going through a dusty desert street or driving in the torrential rain, this box includes a thick coating. It’ll certainly keep carefully the rain and dirt away.

Furthermore, the black surface finish provides it an appealing and stylish appearance. You get adequate space for keeping every essential therefore, will leave nothing at all behind.

Crucial features:

  • Massive space for storage, just brief of 3-cubic ft.
  • Locking latch includes a sturdy design which makes the package theft-proof
  • Gas strut enables you to open up or close the lid easily.

7. Dee Zee DZ91717P Poly Triangle Trailer Device Box

Dee Zee offers you a trailer tongue box design from a heavy-duty plastic material. That’s why it is reliable and strong without extra bulk. The construction is also responsible to make this box resistant to bending or getting dents from a rough ride. You won’t have to worry about the box getting small damages since it can resist abrasion as well. The box also has an interesting look with plenty of detailing and an all-black design. You can use this box as a secure weather-resistant storage unit for all sorts of trailers from cargo to utility.

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At the front end of the lid, you get yourself a lockable stainless latch which functions as a good security stage for the package. This implies that you may use a normal heavy-duty padlock to maintain your things secure.

Crucial features:

  • Includes essential equipment and instructions necessary for mounting.
  • For extra rigidity and support, you get yourself a double-walled lid.
  • Offers you immense storage space of around 6-cubic feet.

6. Carpartsinnovate Aluminum Trailer Tongue Tool Box for Truck & Pickup

Carpartsinnovate stays true to its brand name and provide you with an innovative product. It stands out from the rest and increases the safety and storage capabilities of your trailer. The black exterior increases the aesthetic appeal of this truck. Plus, it also adds corrosion resistance to the box and protects it from dust and water.

With its top-quality aluminium construction and rugged design, you would be able to carry extra accessories, cargo, tools and more in this box without compromising any space on your own trailer. When you open up the lid you’ll also stumbled when a gas strut that eases the system. Finally, the lockable trailer tongue boxes will maintain your essentials guaranteed within it.

Crucial features:

  • The aluminium body helps it be lighter than competitor items from metal.
  • It satisfies the OE specs and has been approved by the Department of Transportation.
  • You can buy the box with the assurance of a warranty period of 3 months.

5. Lund 76220 34″ 16-Gauge Steel Trailer Tongue Box

Lund has brought to you one of its best boxes that won’t disappoint you in any way. It is from thick and heavy-duty 16 gauge steel plates that won’t get warped easily. But the design of this box doesn’t lose out to its build quality. It has an electrostatically applied finish that can emerge victorious through endless abuse. However, it protects the steel against damage from water.

Lund also obliterates the rest of the competition with best in class warranty and addresses this container with an eternity warrantee period. That is definitely rust-evidence and won’t obtain any harm.

Crucial features:

  • The latch is certainly locked to ensure that you don’t need to invest in a supplementary padlock.
  • It includes a weight of 51lbs which will tackle heavy-duty items.
  • The lid includes a tapered design that provides it a stylish look.

4. Better Built Lightweight aluminum Wide Utility Trailer Tongue Device Box

In case you are sick and tired of heavy trailers that require maintenance or restoration function every couple of months, then it’s period to change to this. Because it fits nicely on the A-frame, you would be able to take advantage of the storage space inside. And it is done without eating up the storage space on your trailer. With a width of 16.5-inches and a height of 12-inches, this presents you with decent space for storage. And that also within the high cost.

You don’t have to buy rust washing liquid once in a while since this container can be from aluminium.

Essential features:

  • You can open up the lid with one hands because of the shock lift.
  • For user convenience, it really is set up in two various ways.

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3. UWS EC20411 Heavy-Wall Metal Trailer Tongue Device Container with Low Profile

UWS has generated its trailer container from thicker aluminium bed sheets when compared to competition for a solid and uncompromising style. The lid can be different than the others since it includes a patented rigid primary. Because of this, reinforces the look and makes the container better. You can shop your tools with no hesitation.

The box also includes a low profile design. Thus, lets you take full advantage of the extra clearance to access the trailer jack. It certainly has a rugged pattern for extreme utilization of the product.

Important features:

  • Extremely lightweight at just around 23 pounds.
  • Locking handle and lock is definitely from stainless steel for superior strength and security.
  • Microseal gasket retains out dirt.

2. Delta Bright Aluminium Extra Wide Trailer Tongue Pickup truck Box

Unlike most other manufacturers, Delta likes to offer something that will last you for decades. Therefore, you may get the most bang out of your buck. So, they possess designed their trailer package with the same spirit. Additional boxes possess chains or simple spring-loaded system to open up the lid and maintain it set up. But, their unreliability is normally evident enough to many customers. Delta has outfitted this container with a good start system that runs on the gas spring.

It works almost just like a hydraulic system. Consequently, gives you the smooth motion of the lid and balance when you access the package. The package also features an exclusive recessed hinge that lets you open up the box completely even when it’s mounted to the roller.

Important features:

  • Paddle handle is from stainless steel and is completely leak-proof.
  • Extra-large bolster enhances reinforcement of the lid
  • Offers stripping seals which prevent rainwater or dust from seeping in through the edges.

1. Giantex Aluminum Tool Box Tote Storage for Pickup truck, Pickup plus Bed Trailer Tongue

Giantex offers you a package which is not only suitable for your trailer but is definitely carried on an RV, ATV and also at your task site. Aluminium structure keeps the container lightweight, yet long lasting enough to carry even heavy-duty power equipment. The organic lustrous surface area of the aluminium also appears great. Because it doesn’t rust or corrode quickly you don’t need to get worried about corrosion maintenance or refinishing chipped color. It also includes inbuilt protection features that help with keeping all of your tools safe and sound.

You get yourself a couple of keys to gain access to the inbuilt lock. Because of its rectangular form, you can stick it on one aspect of your trailer or automobile. And that also without quitting too much living area. Its design keeps it small yet spacious for most of your tools.

Important features:

  • Offers two handles on either part that lets you carry the package easily.
  • Two metal chains on the inside keep the lid in an upright position for better access.
  • Heavy-duty hinges wouldn’t require little to no maintenance.

Utilise these trailer tongue storage boxes for keeping all the required tools. Have a neat organization of all the essentials and carry it to different destinations along with you.