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Alderson Letter

A letter from Detective Superintendent Mike Alderson Citizen-Focused Policing Team

Performance and Strategic Management Unit

Looking for your help…  Hello My name is Mike Alderson.  I am a United Kingdom police officer working on secondment to the Home Office (the government ministry responsible for the oversight of policing within the UK) as the Communications and Business Change Manager on the Citizen-focused Policing Programme. The development of Citizen-focused Policing within all UK forces has recently been announced by the UK Government as a National Policing Plan ( the plan that sets the policing agenda across the UK) priority for the forthcoming year. The Citizen-focused Policing Programme aims to embed a greater citizen perspective into policing in order to increase the confidence and satisfaction of the public in the police and make policing more effective. The understanding of the citizen perspective relates not only to the way that forces understand the communities that they police, but also to the way that the community understands the police. A key component of that understanding is the breaking of barriers and the sharing of knowledge in a way that is appropriate and accessible to the community. I believe that the development of some form of Citizens Police Academy Programme, adapted to suit UK need, may significantly assist in the building of community understanding and the breaking down of barriers. I am therefore undertaking research on the programmes currently being run by US police agencies and attempting to identify relevant issues.  The best way to learn is from those people doing something. As someone involved in a Citizens Police Academy Programme I’m hoping that you will feel able to share with me details of your department’s programme. This issues that I am particularly keen to research are:  · Programme aims · Numbers of applicants/ applicant screening criteria / actual class numbers · Number of lessons in the programme/ example lesson plans · Examples of programme badges, pins, awards, certificates etc · Examples of any promotional material · Any examples of positive action taken by citizens following attendance at a CPA programme. · Evaluation plans and examples of evaluation · Details of any CPA sponsorship arrangements · Any current or emerging issues I appreciate that I am asking for an awful lot, but I assure you that I will be very grateful for any information that you feel able to share with me. I will be present throughout the conference and giving a presentation on Citizen-focused Policing on Friday afternoon. I would very much welcome the chance to talk with you. If you miss me (or I you !!). My email and mail addresses are:  Detective Superintendent Mike Alderson Citizen-Focused Policing Team Performance and Strategic Management Unit Home Office  6th Floor 50 Queen Anne’s Gate London  England SW1H 9AT Email: [email protected] Mobile +44 (0) 7768 368611  Thanks for your help, it’s appreciated.