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Implementation Of A Sales Funnel For An E-Commerce Business

Marketing has changed radically in recent years. Currently, many companies are focused on electronic commerce, especially about the implementation of a sales funnel for e-commerce.

The advancement of technology has allowed digital innovations to go one step beyond the existing reality, thus promoting interactivity. Thus, consumers have completely changed their behavior in the purchase process concerning a few years ago, looking for a much more interactive and personalized experience.

The sales funnels are an excellent opportunity to get a particular brand to your target audience, which is what we are looking for.

How Is The Implementation Of A Sales Funnel For E-Commerce?

The process of implementing the funnel to optimize and improve the sales of an online store occurs in three phases.


It is known as TOFU (Top of the funnel) to the top of the tube, as its name suggests.

The primary objective of the content of the online store is to attract the most significant possible number of users to the website in question, potential customers. In this area of ​​the funnel, you cannot launch an offer because the business does not know its target. Therefore, the primary mission in the first phase is the dissemination of valuable content, which is potentially interesting for users and which manages to capture their attention.


The second phase of the funnel is called MOFU (Middle of the pipe). In this part of the tube is where the conversion takes place. Users have already consumed the content that the online store has shared with them, and they are very clear about what they need. In this way, they advance little by little through the funnel until they reach this area.

The brand in question must offer its visitors a much more specific content that responds accurately to the needs of users, in exchange for a call to action to get information about them and to become part of the database. This is the best time to nurture the leads. The brand must deliver the news that its public needs through content rich in value.


And finally, the bottom part of the funnel BOFU (Bottom of the funnel). It is the narrowest area of ​​the same and also the most important of all since it closes the sale process. Up to this stage, only those users who have been attracted by the offer proposed by the brand in question arrive and who, therefore, have an interest in acquiring the services and products that it offers. To become customers you can use different actions and strategies: free demonstrations, offers, discounts …

These are the phases of the implementation of a sales funnel for e-commerce. The most important thing for success is to follow detailed and structured planning; a digital marketing action plan that allows the company in question not only to generate sales but to establish a relationship of trust with users in the medium and long term.…

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